Another successful Akademy! Neon team BoF, snappy and more.

Akademy 2017
Akademy 2017

This years akademy held in Almeria, Spain was a great success.
We ( the neon team ) have decided to move to using snappy container format for KDE applications in KDE Neon.
This will begin in the dev/unstable builds while we sort out the kinks and heavily test it. We still have some roadblocks to overcome, but hope to work with the snappy team to resolve them.
We have also begun the transition of moving Plasma Mobile CI over to Neon CI. So between mobile (arm), snap and debian packaging, we will be very busy!
I attended several BoFs that brought great new ideas for the KDE community.
I was able to chat with Kubuntu release manager ( Valorie Zimmerman ) and hope to work closer with the Kubuntu and Debian teams to reduce duplicate work. I feel this
is very important for all teams involved.

We had so many great talks, see some here:

Akademy is a perfect venue for KDE contributors to work face to face to tackle issues and create new ideas.
Please consider donating:

As usual, it was wonderful to see my KDE family again! See you all next year in Vienna!

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