KDE at #UbuntuRally in New York! KDE Applications snaps!

#UbuntuRally New York
KDE at #UbuntuRally New York

I was happy to attend Ubuntu Rally last week in New York with Aleix Pol to represent KDE.
We were able toaccomplish many things during this week, and that is a result of having direct contact with Snap developers.
So a big thank you out to Canonical for sponsoring me. I now have all of KDE core applications,
and many KDE extragear applications in the edge channel looking for testers.
I have also made a huge dent in also making the massive KDE PIM snap!
I hope to have this done by week end.
Most of our issue list made it onto TO-DO lists πŸ™‚
So from KDE perspective, this sprint was a huge success!


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