My Open Source Contributions Week in Review, Debian sponsor needed!

Debian 10 Buster KDE Plasma
Debian 10 Buster KDE Plasma

It has been a busy week!

My significant accomplishment this week is the packaging of squashfuse for Debian.

This is required for libappimage, which is next on my to-do list.

I have uploaded it to mentors here:

I do have a mentor/sponsor, but under the KDE umbrella ( Thank you lisandro! ),

he is very busy and I would like to give him a break on this one.

If anyone has some spare time to give this a look, thank you!

This was a bit of a learning experience as most of my experience is in the KDE world.

I have begun the journey to Debian Maintainer status ( and eventually Debian Developer ),

it seems all those key signing parties I have been to… I did it wrong 🙁 oops.

I now have caff installed and will work on getting my web of trust in order.

In other news, I have finished packaging ring-kde for Debian/KDENeon,

but would like to get it tested in Neon before I dump it on my mentor 🙂

I have hit few hiccups with a git build in Neon, so I am reaching out to the developer.

I will post when it is ready for testing.

I am slowly working through debian packaging of Mycroft (a beast!) , I will post when I have something reasonable to test.

Sadly, I did not get much time for KDE binary-factory CI work this week, but I should have more time next week. 🙂

Thank you and have a great week everyone!


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